Thursday, June 11, 2009

Facilities Planning and Management notice re: Air conditioning, windows, energy

University chillers are operational and programmed to run any time the outside air temperature reaches 67 degrees Fahrenheit. When the air conditioning is operating, indoor temperatures are set to cool to 76 degrees (state policy).

For those buildings that have operable windows, please keep them shut always. For the few who are next to an operable window, it is an enviable luxury to be able to open and shut it to meet one's personal comfort. Doing so, however, comes at the expense of everyone else in the building who is not next to a window. Our heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are not perfect; however, the systems will be rendered less effective if windows are opened when the building's ventilating system is operating. If a window is open, air flows do not work as designed and others get less heated and air conditioned air.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Records management webcasts and information available online

The UW System Records Officers Council has created webcasts titled "Records Management Fundamentals," which describes the legal requirements and resources available to university employees for public record management, and "Business Communication," which describes the legal authority given to university employees for managing business communication. More information about the webcasts is available online. Additional information related to the management of public records is available on the UW System Public Records Management Web site. For more information, contact Beth Derosier, Records Management, at or 715-836-2404.

Proposed changes in College of Arts and Sciences

Following are proposed changes in the College of Arts and Sciences. If you have questions or concerns, contact Gary Don at or 715-836-4216 within 15 days of this notice, posted June 8, 2009.

Major: English, Liberal Arts Literature (Code 540-206)
From: Page 104 of the 2008-09 University Catalogue
To: Revise "three to six additional literature credits" to read "three to six additional English credits."

Proposed changes in College of Education and Human Sciences

The following curricular changes were approved by the College of Education and Human Sciences Academic Curriculum Committee on May 15, 2009, and are to be effective with the 2009-11 Graduate Catalogue. If you have questions or concerns, contact Larry Solberg at or 715-836-3671 within 30 days of this notice, posted June 8, 2009.

From: MS – Communication Sciences and Disorders, Page 38 of the 2007-09 Graduate Catalogue.
To: MS – Communication Sciences and DisordersAddition of CSD 610, 611 and 745 to the list of approved electives.


Following is a new employment opportunity at UW-Eau Claire. A list of all currently available job openings and additional information about each position, including application procedures, may be found on the Academic Affairs employment opportunities Web site.

  • Music and Theatre Arts: Lecturer (title series) for the 2009-10 academic year with an emphasis in acting and directing (80 percent) — 715-836-4936.

Continuing Education offerings

Connecting campus and community. Continuing Education serves a wide variety of nontraditional students. Following are links to news releases about UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education programs:

Additional information can be found on the Continuing Education Web site or by calling 715-836-3636.

Notice of meetings

The Notice of Meetings is available online. Meetings for the following week will be posted by Thursday morning.