Friday, January 25, 2013


Condolences to Tonya Simpson, business communication/information systems, whose mother, Judy Mae Andersen, passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 30, 2012, in McAllen, Texas. Full obituary.

Births and Adoptions

Congratulations to Ashley Brott, MBA office, and husband Chris Brott on the birth of son Bentley Nolan on Jan. 12. Bentley also is the first great-grandson of Jan Stewart, MBA office.

Congratulations to Dr. Marcy Leasum Orwig, business communication, and husband Darrek Orwig on the birth of daughter Olive Elizabeth Orwig on Dec. 16, 2012.

Proposed graduate curricular changes in College of Arts and Sciences

The following courses have been proposed as new or revised graduate course offerings or for deletion from the graduate curriculum. If you have questions or concerns, contact Dr. Margaret Cassidy at or 715-836-3152 within 30 days of this notice, posted Jan. 25, 2013.

New Course Proposals
AIS 644 Theory and Methodologies in American Indian Studies, 3 crs
GEOG 536 Geospatial Field Methods, 3 crs
GEOG 537 Geographic Information Systems II, 3 crs
GEOG 635 Geographic Information Systems III, 3 crs
GEOG 655 Web Geographic Information Systems, 3 crs
HIST 546 American Environmental History, 3 crs
HIST 580 Museums in the United States, 3 crs

Revision of Existing Courses
BIOL 500 Genetics, 4 crs (change of prerequisites)
BIOL 506 Infectious Disease Ecology, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
BIOL 511 General Entomology, 4 crs (change of prerequisites)
BIOL 528 Conservation Biology, 3 crs (change of credit hours, categorization, enrollment restriction, catalog description, special course fees, prerequisites, course components, when offered, field trip requirement, pedagogical methods, resources, and timetable/outline)
BIOL 561 Biology of Microorganisms, 5 crs (change of prerequisites)
BIOL 580 Endocrinology, 4 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 521 Topics in the Structure of English, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 525 History of the English Language, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 610 Creative Writing Workshop – Poetry 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 611 Creative Writing Workshop – Fiction, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 612 Seminar in Nonfiction Writing, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 613 Writing for Children, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 615 Seminar in Science and Nature Writing, 3 crs (change in prerequisites)
ENGL 621 Seminar in Linguistic Research, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
GEOG 535 Geographic Information Systems, 3 crs (change of title)
HIST 508 Ancient Historiography, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
HIST 588 Modern China, 3 crs (change of title and catalog description)
MATH 547 Mathematical Statistics, 4 crs (change of when offered)
MATH 551 Numerical Analysis I, 3 crs (change of when offered)
MATH 552 Numerical Analysis II, 3 crs (change of when offered)
MATH 554 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling, 4 crs (change of when offered)

Deletion from Curriculum
CHEM 655 Biochemistry Laboratory II, 2 crs
CJ 650 Human Resource Development Seminar, 3 crs
ENGL 580 Studies in Film, 3 crs