Monday, July 30, 2012

Continuing Education offerings

Connecting campus and community. Continuing Education serves a wide variety of nontraditional students. Following are links to news releases about upcoming Continuing Education programs:
Additional information can be found on the Continuing Education website or by calling 715-836-3636.

Facilities Management announcements

The Facilities Management unit supervised by Erik Simonsen is now called Material Management, Mail and Receiving.

The Material Management area is responsible for managing the following: capital inventory for the campus; the Material and Supply Store (formerly Central Stores); UW Eau Claire's use of the Madison Distribution System (MDS) for office supplies; the Surplus Store; Facilities Management inventory stock; the loading dock and warehouse; and the automated package-tracking system data and software system.

Mail Services is responsible for delivering and picking up mail and packages; processing outgoing U.S. mail; collecting bulk mail; and managing the Pitney Bowes data, cost and chargeback process.

The Receiving area is responsible for receiving all semi, UPS, FedEx, Staples, postal and other truck deliveries; processing packages through the automated package-tracking system; distributing larger packages and freight throughout campus; and processing and distributing Facilities Management inventory stock.