Monday, July 30, 2012

Facilities Management announcements

The Facilities Management unit supervised by Erik Simonsen is now called Material Management, Mail and Receiving.

The Material Management area is responsible for managing the following: capital inventory for the campus; the Material and Supply Store (formerly Central Stores); UW Eau Claire's use of the Madison Distribution System (MDS) for office supplies; the Surplus Store; Facilities Management inventory stock; the loading dock and warehouse; and the automated package-tracking system data and software system.

Mail Services is responsible for delivering and picking up mail and packages; processing outgoing U.S. mail; collecting bulk mail; and managing the Pitney Bowes data, cost and chargeback process.

The Receiving area is responsible for receiving all semi, UPS, FedEx, Staples, postal and other truck deliveries; processing packages through the automated package-tracking system; distributing larger packages and freight throughout campus; and processing and distributing Facilities Management inventory stock.