Friday, October 30, 2009

SECC campaign continues

SECC logoThe State Employees Combined Campaign is a workplace giving campaign that offers employees the opportunity to donate to one or more of 350 charities via payroll deduction, check or cash.

Campaign pledges can be made online through the SECC Web site. Login instructions are as follows: 1) Click on link for university employees; 2) Username: First and last name as they are displayed on your earning statement (use all caps with no spaces between words). Example: JOHNDOE; 3) Password: Last four digits of your social security number.

The campaign runs through Nov. 27. For more information, contact Barb Bowers at or 715-836-3871.

Energy alert: Guidelines support strategic goals

The UW-Eau Claire strategic plan has identified stewardship and sustainability as campus values. The university’s recently released carbon neutrality report concludes that use of electrical power and the burning of fossil fuels for heat comprise by far the largest percentage of UW-Eau Claire carbon emissions.

To conserve energy, reduce the campus carbon footprint and help UW-Eau Claire comply with state mandates, university employees and students are asked to cooperate with the following guidelines:

  • Do not use electric space heaters to warm areas above the state-mandated 68-degree level.
  • Wear warmer garments or bring a wrap with you to the university, if necessary.
  • In an office setting, arrange furniture to have one’s desk away from windows and exterior walls. Thermostats are placed on interior walls and, if operating correctly, will maintain the temperature at which it is set, at that location. In the winter, it will be colder next to the exterior wall.
  • Turn lights off in classrooms, labs, offices and other spaces when not occupied.
  • Where multiple switching allows for more than one light level in a space, consider using less than the maximum level. Keep in mind that fluorescent lights take a short time to reach their full brightness; wait a few minutes to evaluate how adequate lighting is at a lower setting before increasing the level.
  • Turn off copiers and other office equipment overnight or when they will not be used for extended periods of time.
  • Unplug any block transformers that may be used to charge electronic equipment or convert them to AC operation. These transformers can draw electric current even when no device is connected or turned on.
  • Turn off computer monitors (especially CRT-type monitors) each night or whenever the computer will not be used for extended time periods. Turn off computer processors during weekends, holidays, vacations and other periods when they will not be used for several days.
  • Minimize the use of microwaves, coffee brewers and other electrical appliances.

Please direct any questions regarding UW-Eau Claire’s energy conservation guidelines to Terry Classen, Facilities Planning and Management, at 715-836-5278 or