Monday, August 22, 2011

Proposed graduate curricular changes in College of Arts and Sciences

The following courses have been proposed as new or revised graduate course offerings or for course deletion. If you have questions or objections, contact Dr. Margaret Cassidy at or 715-836-3152 within 30 days of this notice, posted Aug. 22, 2011.  

New Course Proposals
ANTH 632, Anthropological Fieldwork Methods and Research Design, 3 crs.
ENGL 724, Poetry Writing Seminar, 3 crs.
HIST 517, Studies in the History of Race in the U.S., 3 crs.
HIST 519, Studies in Comparative, Transnational and Pacific World History, 3 crs.
HIST 520, Studies in the History of the Americas, 3 crs.
PSYC 574, Cognitive Neuroscience, 3 crs.
WMNS 535, Transnational/Global Feminisms, 3 crs.
WMNS 606, Queer Theories and Sexual Politics, 3 crs.

Revision of Existing Courses
FREN 555, Contemporary French Civilization, 3 crs. (change of repeatability, prerequisites, and when offered)

Course Deletions
CJ 515, Freedom of Expression, 3 crs.
HIST 512, The Crusades, 3 crs.
HIST 514, The Renaissance, 3 crs.
HIST 574, Imperial Russia, 1682-1894, 3 crs.
HIST 640, History of the United States, 1917-1945, 3 crs.
HIST 654, American Economic History, 3 crs.