Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Proposed changes in College of Arts and Sciences

Following are proposed changes in the College of Arts and Sciences. If you have questions or concerns, contact Dr. Sean McAleer at or 715-836-2975 within 15 days of this notice, posted Sept. 14, 2011.

Comprehensive Major: Computer Science, Liberal Arts Computer Engineering (Code 170-040) and Geographic Information Systems/Remote Sensing (Code 170-020)
From: Page 108 of the 2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog
To: Suspend programs until further notice

Minor: Spanish for Health Professions, Liberal Arts (Code 320-408)
From: Page 123 of the 2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog
To: A minimum of 24 semester credits beyond Span 102, or 16 credits beyond Span 232 or 202, including Span 301, 302, 306, 320, 420, and Span/LAS 312. Span/LAS 352 is highly recommended.