Friday, October 5, 2012

New signs designate campus smoking areas

The installation of signs identifying designated smoking areas on campus has been completed. A new UW-Eau Claire smoking policy went into effect May 1.

The policy prohibits smoking on campus except in designated areas and on city-owned streets that run through campus. View the policy and map of designated smoking areas.

The policy was created by a committee of UW-Eau Claire staff and students appointed by then Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich. In 2010 Levin-Stankevich received two different proposals regarding campus smoking restrictions: one from the University Senate (composed of representatives from the university's faculty and academic staff) calling for a
tobacco-free campus, and one from the Student Senate objecting to the tobacco ban but recommending that smoking be shifted away from areas heavily traveled by non-smokers, building entrances and air intakes. The chancellor's committee was charged with creating a policy that, as proposed by the Student Senate, would establish fewer smoking areas on campus.