Monday, May 12, 2014

Proposed new or revised graduate course offerings

The following courses have been proposed as new or revised graduate course offerings in the graduate curriculum.  If you have questions or objections, contact Dr. Margaret Cassidy at or 715-836-3152 within 30 days of this notice, posted May 12, 2014.

New Course Proposals
BIOL 515 Reproductive Physiology, 3 crs
CJ 700 Communicating to Lead in Health Organizations, 3 crs
CJ 707 Group/Team Communication-Healthcare Contexts, 3 crs
CJ 714 Communication and Health Policy, 3 crs
CJ 752 Leading Organizational Change, 3 crs
CJ 774 Health Campaigns and Population Health, 3 crs

Revision of Existing Courses
AIS 644 Theory and Methodologies in American Indian Studies, 3 crs (change of enrollment restriction)
BIOL 506 Infectious Disease Ecology, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
BIOL 561 Biology of Microorganisms, 5 crs (change of prerequisites)
BIOL 580 Endocrinology, 4 crs (change of prerequisites)
CHEM 653 Biochemistry Laboratory I, 3 crs (change of Catalog title)
CJ 614 Mass Media Law, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 609 Grant Proposal Writing, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
ENGL 655 Seminar in Scientific and Technical Communication, 3 crs (change of Catalog title, Catalog description, prerequisites, and enrollment restriction)
GEOG 536 Geospatial Field Methods, 3 crs (change of enrollment restriction)
MATH 524 Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, 4 crs (change of Catalog description)
MATH 535 Introduction to Point-Set Topology, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
MATH 551 Numerical Analysis I, 3 crs (change of prerequisites)
MATH 651 Teaching Mathematics with Technology, 3 crs (change of credit restriction)
PSYC 575 Physiological Psychology, 3 crs (change of title, Catalog description, when typically offered, prerequisites, and course content timetable/outline)
WMNS 535 Transnational/Global Feminisms, 3 crs (change of Catalog description)